Lancaster's history begins with an encounter between two passionate and visionary men: Georges Wurz and Dr Eugène Frezzatti. Back in 1946, the two men have the genius to anticipate the needs of women who are daring to once again start taking care of themselves and their skin. They engage wholeheartedly in a project that is incredibly innovative for the era: the design of a range of care products especially for the skin's needs, which they call Lancaster.

When Lancaster launches its first sun protection range in 1971, it has the audacity to select orange instead of the traditional brown, which is to become its emblem. Lancaster takes an innovative approach to sunbathing, with "sans soleil" fake tan and “visage bronzé” make-up, which are still among its best-sellers today.



Velvet Cream SPF30, face cream(30ml)
Velvet Milk SPF30, body lotion (50ml)
Soothing Moisturizer, aftersun lotion (50ml)

* The sun cream/lotion and aftersun lotion bulk is produced directly by Lancaster, hence it is the same product currently sold in all retail formulations.


Face SPF lotion and Body SPF lotion target 100% of sunrays: not just UV-A and UV-B rays but also Infrared rays. Güneş sonrası losyon bronzluğun bir aya kadar kalıcığını sağlar. After-sun lotion helps prolongthe tan by up to 1 month.

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